Exciting News Meredith Shaw Joins

Exciting News: Meredith Shaw Joins Breakfast Television as Co-Host!

Bringing together an enticing mix of news, lifestyle stories, and engaging discussions from 6 to 10 a.m. every weekday morning on television requires more than just an unbeatable alarm clock.

Morning show hosts possess an intangible “It” factor, a blend of charisma and chemistry that connects seamlessly with both their co-hosts and the audience.

In late August, with the news still under wraps, 38-year-old Shaw expressed, “I feel like this is something I’ve been working for my whole life. I watched the show for years; I grew up in Toronto. This is an opportunity to connect daily and nationally.”

Shaw’s journey to this point has been diverse. After graduating from Have gal College and Queen’s University, she embarked on a career as a singer-songwriter. In 2011, she released her solo album, “Place Called Happy,” and spent several years collaborating and touring with the Toronto band Big Sugar. You may also check Netflix Drops Epic ‘Chicken Run.

Traveling on a tour bus with 11 guys, she learned to navigate anything. “I feel like I’ve always approached everything I do with a lot of humor and a lot of empathy.” Her advocacy journey began in the fashion world, where Shaw became one of Canada’s pioneering curve models, collaborating with Hudson’s Bay, Pennington’s, and Eloqua.

She emerged as an influential advocate for size inclusivity, reshaping the conversation around fashion accessibility for the underrepresented two-thirds of Canadian women sized 14 and up. Shaw is dedicated to helping her followers find stylish plus-sized clothing.

Shaw intends to carry this focus onto her prominent BT platform. “Look, I’m a size 16, and I’m cute AF,” she boldly declares.

“There aren’t many other curve hosts. I’m bringing inclusivity in terms of size with me.” She commends the show’s team, including Rogers Communications’ national stylist Debra Berman, for their progressive and supportive approach, saying, “We are making the moves!” She’s excited about multiple fashion collaborations in the pipeline, emphasizing her deep passion for this cause.

As Oprah Winfrey has repeatedly demonstrated, relatability is the magic ingredient for television presenting.

Shaw’s appeal lies in her unguarded and refreshingly candid demeanor in a world increasingly guarded by PR constraints. She balances her opinions with buoyancy and positivity, effortlessly connecting with viewers.

Even the earliest risers tend to wake up a bit grumpy, and a great host must usher us into the day in an engaging and pleasant manner. “You can take your work seriously but not yourself,” Shaw wisely notes. “We catch people first thing in the morning. A sense of humor is crucial for that.” She attributes the fluidity of BT as the catalyst for spontaneous fun on the show.

Collaborating closely with her co-host, Seixeiro, Shaw hasn’t spent much off-camera time with him, but serendipity struck during their screen tests. “As soon as I met Sid, I knew in my bones this was going to work,” Shaw enthuses. “I felt something. I told the executive producer, who said Sid felt the exact same way about me.”

Shaw’s on-screen chemistry isn’t limited to her co-host; she also shares a great dynamic with her fiancé, chef Rodney Bower. You should also read Rolling Stones Unveil ‘Hackney Diamonds.

Together, they created a cooking show called “Double Your Dish” during the pandemic, a unique and wild experience with Shaw handling styling, shooting, and multitasking while juggling her radio commitments and the “Drag Race” after show in separate rooms.

But BT represents an entirely new level of commitment and reach. “It is a position that demands the most,” Shaw acknowledges. “You must have an opinion and the integrity to stand by your beliefs.”

This breakout role arrives at the perfect juncture in Shaw’s life. “I’ve undergone therapy and believe in myself and what I bring to the table,” she shares. “When you do that, you allow others to believe in you too.” With all said and done, she eagerly awaits her debut on screens, setting her alarm clock with anticipation for September 11th.

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