Our Commitment to Accuracy

The cornerstone of any reputable journalism platform is the trust of its audience. To establish and uphold this trust, we prioritize accurate, fair, and balanced reporting. Our unwavering dedication to achieving the highest level of accuracy in our content is of utmost importance.

Our definition of “due accuracy” goes beyond meeting basic standards; it encompasses a comprehensive commitment to precision. We consider various factors such as the subject matter, type of information, and audience expectations in our pursuit of accurate reporting.

In every news piece, our goal is to present the most accurate account supported by primary sources. We rigorously scrutinize claims, challenge assumptions, and question prevailing beliefs. Despite our best efforts, certain areas of ambiguity may persist.

Standards for fact-checking differ between soft and hard news stories. For example, the sourcing requirements for an article about an NGO’s achievements may differ from those of an investigative report.

To ensure the accuracy of our content, we adhere to the following principles:

Reliable Sourcing: Every piece of information we present originates from credible sources and is substantiated by verifiable data. When direct sources are unavailable, we credit the originating platform.

Verification of Claims: We make an earnest effort to corroborate claims, accusations, or facts attributed to public figures or sources with potential biases. Any unverifiable information, including assertions or allegations, is clearly identified and disclosed.

Corrections and Transparency: Our commitment to accuracy is unwavering. If inaccuracies are identified, we promptly rectify them and transparently communicate the changes to our readers.

Avoiding Misleading Information: Our priority is to provide accurate information. We do not intentionally mislead, alter, or present fabricated information as factual. In cases of significant factual errors, we acknowledge them openly and make prompt corrections in a manner that is transparent and appropriate.

Reader Engagement: We value the trust of our audience and actively encourage readers to report errors or inaccuracies through our “Suggest A Correction” feature at the end of each report on our website.

Rigorous Fact-Checking: Our journalists are dedicated to reporting, writing, and fact-checking news, information, and stories. Each article undergoes thorough fact-checking in an internal process before being reviewed by our editors. This meticulous process involves diligent research and is influenced by the complexity, sensitivity, and deadlines of the subject matter.

Comprehensive Research: We strive to contact all relevant parties involved in an allegation, conducting independent validation of both the information and its source to ensure accuracy.

Information Sources: Our sourcing strategy prioritizes verification through multiple independent sources. When only one source is available, its credibility substantiates the information.

Data Analysis: When presenting survey results, we transparently explain the data collection and analysis methods. Any potential discrepancies are promptly communicated to our audience.

Timely and Accurate Reporting: Our goal is to swiftly deliver accurate information rather than prematurely sharing incomplete or unverified details.

Responsible Use of Anonymous Sources: We prioritize on-the-record sources whenever possible. When using anonymous sources, we provide context for the decision and rationale behind it.

Engagement with Sources: We collaborate with sources to ensure accurate representation and appropriate usage of the material they provide.

Equal Representation: In addition to prominent sources, we actively seek input from individuals without extensive public platforms.

Editorial Consultation: In cases of uncertainty, our journalists seek guidance from senior resources or the newsroom leadership to ensure accuracy.

User-Generated Content:

User-generated content poses inherent challenges. We carefully evaluate and confirm the accuracy of information provided, especially when it originates from sources with vested interests. We clearly label user-generated content and adhere to these guidelines:

Source Authentication: We take precautionary steps to verify the authenticity of information from online sources. Direct confirmation from individuals or organizations may be necessary.

Distinguishing Fact from Rumor: Particularly in the context of social media, where misinformation can spread rapidly, we differentiate between verified facts and rumors. Information sourced from social media requires thorough verification.

Comprehensive Investigation: When utilizing information from internet sources to support facts, we conduct additional research to ensure accuracy.

Our commitment to accuracy is unwavering, and we continuously strive to provide our audience with truthful and reliable information.