Ultra-Orthodox Abuser Malka Loafer Sentenced to 15 Years - Sisters Finally Validated!

Ultra-Orthodox Abuser Malka Loafer Sentenced to 15 Years – Sisters Finally Validated!

In a significant legal development, Malka Lifer, a former school principal, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Melbourne County Court for committing 18 sexual offences, including rape and indecent assault. The sentencing comes after a lengthy legal battle and marks the closure of a 15-year struggle to bring Lifer to justice.

The victims, sisters Dassi Erich and Elly Sapper, who were students at the Adams Israel School in Elsternwick between 2003 and 2007, were subjected to the predatory behavior of Mrs.

Lifer. The sentencing hearing unfolded as County Court Judge Mark Gamble addressed the court, emphasizing the vulnerability of the victims and the calculated manner in which Lifer exploited their vulnerabilities for her own gratification.

Judge Gamble imposed a non-parole period of 11½ years, which, when accounting for time served, makes Lifer eligible for parole in less than six years. You may also check Nikki Haley Slams GOP Rivals for Backing Big Spending.

The court proceedings were marked by emotional moments as the victims expressed their relief and satisfaction at the verdict. Speaking outside the court, the sisters conveyed a sense of closure and triumph.

Elly Sapper highlighted that the ruling recognized the immense harm caused by Malka Lifer and expressed gratitude for the legal system validating the impact of abuse by female perpetrators. She acknowledged that while the trauma from sexual abuse is enduring, the sentencing brings relief that Lifer will be imprisoned for 15 years and unable to harm others.

Nicole Meyer, the third sister involved, also spoke, noting that it had been 12 years since they broke the silence within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community by reporting the abuse. Dassi Erlich addressed the media, emphasizing the collective effort to fight for justice and the importance of survivors’ voices.

She described the path to justice as traumatic and painful but noted that this marked the end of a distressing chapter in their lives. The sentencing was deemed an “incredible day for justice” by Manny Wakes, the founder of the victim advocacy group Voice Against Child Sexual Abuse.

He praised the survivors’ bravery in sharing their stories and expressed hope that the sentencing would aid their healing process. You may also read Pro Wrestling Icon Terry Funk, 79, Passes Away.

In response, Adass Israel School principal and chief executive Aaron Strasser reiterated his apology for the distress caused to the sisters and acknowledged Leifer’s gross breach of trust. He hoped that the sentencing would provide a sense of justice and contribute to the survivors’ healing.

In summary, the 15-year prison sentence handed to Malka Lifer for her sexual offences against the sisters signifies a significant step toward justice for the survivors. The court proceedings, emotional and tumultuous, culminated in a sense of closure and relief for the victims, who stood united in their fight for justice.

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