Shocking News Original Voice of Mario Quits Role!

Shocking News: Original Voice of Mario Quits Role! Nintendo Reveals Surprising Change

For decades, the iconic voice of the beloved Italian plumber, Mario, has resonated through the gaming world. Charles Martinet, the man behind the voice, embarked on a remarkable journey that began with an unexpected audition and led to a legacy of enthusiastic catchphrases and unforgettable moments.

From his debut in 1996’s Super Mario 64 to his recent role as a “Mario Ambassador,” Martinet’s influence on the gaming industry is immeasurable. The Audition that Changed Everything: Martinet’s journey into the world of Mario started with a twist of fate.

During the early ’90s, Nintendo held an audition for potential voices for Mario and Luigi. At that time, the iconic plumber brothers did not yet have spoken lines in their games. Martinet’s distinctive approach to the audition set him apart.

He was asked to portray an Italian plumber named Mario without any predefined expectations. In a moment of creativity, Martinet found himself spontaneously narrating how to make a pizza in Mario’s distinct Italian accent.

His performance resonated with Mario’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Martinet landed his first role as Mario in the 1994 CD-ROM game “Mario Teaches Typing.”

The Evolution of Mario’s Voice

It was in 1996 that Martinet’s portrayal of Mario truly captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Super Mario 64, a groundbreaking 3D platformer, introduced players to Mario’s exuberant Italian intonation. From jubilant cheers to whimsical catchphrases like “Mamma mia,” “Wahoo!” and “Let’s-a go!” Martinet breathed life into the character, forever etching his voice into the fabric of gaming history.

Beyond Mario A Multitude of Voices

Martinet’s talent extended beyond Mario, encompassing an array of Mushroom Kingdom residents and characters. Luigi, Mario’s loyal brother, came to life through Martinet’s voice, as did the mischievous rivals Wario and Waluigi.

He even lent his vocal finesse to the adorable baby versions of the plumber brothers, further cementing his versatility and contribution to the franchise. You may aslo check Watch West Ham vs Chelsea Live.

A Silver Screen Transformation

As the years passed, Martinet’s voice became synonymous with Mario across various game titles like Mario Kart and Mario Party. However, in 2023, the iconic character underwent a cinematic transformation. Hollywood A-lister Chris Pratt took on the role of Mario in the animated Super Mario Bros. Movie, while Martinet contributed voices to new characters like Giuseppe and Mario’s father.

A Global Mario Ambassador

Despite not voicing Mario in the movie, Martinet’s journey continues. Dubbed a “Mario Ambassador,” he now travels the world to engage with fans on behalf of Nintendo. This unique role showcases his enduring connection to the gaming community and his impact as a cultural icon. You should also read Sloppy Penalties No Match for Saints.

A Year of Milestones:

The year 2023 marked significant milestones for the Mario series. The highly successful Super Mario Bros. Movie, grossing over $1 billion at the box office, catapulted Mario’s popularity to new heights. Additionally, Nintendo enthusiasts eagerly anticipate upcoming releases, including Super Mario Bros. Wonder and a remake of Super Mario RPG for the Switch.


Charles Martinet’s journey from an unexpected audition to becoming the voice of Mario has left an indelible mark on the gaming world. As the Mario series continues to evolve, Martinet’s contributions will forever be a cherished part of its legacy.

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