Phases Moon Calendar 2023 October

Lunar October 2023 Moon Phases Calendar with Dates

Step into the mesmerizing lunar odyssey of Lunar October 2023 Moon Phases Calendar! Brace yourself to witness the captivating phases of the Moon, each with its own spellbinding charm, as we embark on a celestial voyage between Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. Our Moon Phase calendar is your ultimate companion to the radiant spectacle that illuminates our skies.

Lunar October 2023 Moon Phases Calendar

Behold the captivating dance of the Moon as it gracefully orbits around our beloved Earth, perfectly synchronized with the Sun’s radiant glow. Unlike its fiery counterpart, the Moon borrows its luminosity, resulting in a mesmerizing sequence of phases.

Moon October 2023 Calendar
Moon October 2023 Calendar
DateLunar PhaseTime (UTC)
October 6Last Quarter13:47
October 14New Moon17:55
October 22First Quarter03:29
October 28Full Moon20:24

During the New Moon phase, the Moon is situated between the Earth and the Sun, with its far side completely shrouded in darkness. The Earth emits a faint radiance that illuminates the Moon, producing a subtle occurrence known as ashen light.

The Waxing Crescent phase of the Moon is characterized by a gradual increase in the illuminated portion of its surface as it rotates around the Earth, receiving more sunlight each night and becoming increasingly radiant.

Moon Phases October 2023 Calendar
Moon Phases October 2023 Calendar

During the first quarter of its orbit, the Moon travels a quarter of the way around Earth, revealing a precisely half-illuminated appearance. This phase can be likened to an interlude in a performance, where the interplay of light and shadow creates a harmonious blend.

The Waxing Gibbous phase of the Moon is characterized by the Sun’s illumination enveloping more than half of its surface, resulting in a captivating interplay of light and shadow that poetically reflects the Moon’s celestial journey.

October Lunar Moon Calendar 2023

During the last quarter, the Moon completes three-quarters of its orbit around the Earth, with the other half of its surface illuminated by the Sun, signifying a significant transition.

The Waning Crescent phase of the Moon is characterized by a gradual decrease in its luminosity as it approaches the new moon position. With less than half of its surface illuminated by the Sun, it imparts a tranquil allure to the pre-dawn sky.

Phases Moon Calendar 2023 October
Phases Moon Calendar 2023 October

The different Moon’s phases

  • The lunar phases, ranging from New Moon to Full Moon, can be likened to a cosmic choreography. The Moon’s transition from obscurity to complete radiance takes approximately 14 days, akin to the traditional calendars of yore.
  • The Moon’s daily rising and setting times result in a distinctive nocturnal display. As the days progress following the New Moon, the Moon’s luminosity intensifies, contributing to the enchanting spectacle of the sky.
  • In October, we have the Hunter’s Moon, named after hunters who relied on its light for winter hunting. It rises early, filling the twilight with its brightness, symbolizing both survival and beauty.
  • On October 1st, as the Waning Gibbous Moon shines at 96.5% illumination, our celestial journey begins. Explore the Moon’s story for October 2023 day by day and be amazed by its graceful dance across the sky, connecting us to generations past.
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Benefit of phases of October’s moon

The lunar phases of October’s moon offer a range of cultural, practical, and scientific benefits. These phases have historical and cultural importance, influencing traditions, festivals, and rituals. Astronomers find them fascinating for observation and study, impacting celestial visibility and events.

Lunar phases historically aided navigation for sailors and had agricultural relevance for planting and harvesting. They also hold significance in some spiritual practices.

Artists and photographers capture the moon’s beauty in its various phases, while scientists use them to study lunar composition and gravitational effects on Earth. Tides are influenced by lunar phases, impacting coastal areas and marine activities.

Printable Moon October 2023 Calendar


Creating a Lunar Calendar for October 2023, showcasing precise moon phases with dates, is a straightforward task achievable through online tools or dedicated software. This versatile calendar caters to various interests, such as astronomy, religious observances, and gardening, enabling people to stay connected to the rhythmic beauty of the lunar cycle.

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