Anitta Net Worth [Updated 2023]

Anitta Net Worth [Updated 2023]: Age, Biography, Career, Early life, Family, Awards, Relationship Status, Earnings

Larissa de Macedo Machado, globally recognized by her stage moniker Anitta, has emerged as an iconic Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, and television host. This article delves into the extraordinary trajectory of Anitta’s career, the milestones she’s achieved, her musical prowess, and her influence on the international music scene.

Anitta’s Net Worth

Anitta’s musical journey ignited at a young age when she lent her voice to the choir of Santa Luzia’s Parish in her native neighborhood, Honório Gurgel. An auspicious turn came in 2010 when a video of her singing on YouTube caught the attention of producer Renato Azevedo, propelling her into the limelight. Under the wings of Furacão 2000, Anitta’s talent flourished, leading to a pivotal debut in the Brazilian music industry.

Anitta Age,

Born on the 30th of March, 1993 in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Anitta emerges as a true embodiment of versatility.

Anitta life and Family

Blossoming into existence in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she first opened her eyes as Larissa de Macedo Machado. The embrace of her parents, Mauro and Míriam, was destined to be fleeting, as their paths diverged into separate horizons when Larissa was a mere two years old.

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Anitta Biography

In 2011, DJ Batutinha, a notable producer in the ‘Funk Carioca’ genre, stumbled upon Anitta’s captivating singing videos. Impressed by her vocal prowess, he invited her to audition for his album, marking the genesis of her flourishing career.

Her debut radio single, “Eu Vou Vicar,” released under the Furacão 2000 label in 2011, rapidly soared to the third position on Brazil’s most-played song charts. During this period, Anitta transcended her contemporaries in earnings, solidifying her status as an eminent show singer.

Anitta Relationship

Anitta’s romantic journey includes a liaison with Mr. Thug, a member of the hip-hop ensemble Bonde da Stronda, during the period spanning early 2011 to 2012. Her heart also intertwined with actor and model Pablo Morals at one juncture.

However, a significant chapter in her love life unfolded when she entered matrimonial bonds with entrepreneur Thiago Magalhaes in November of 2017. Regrettably, the union concluded in divorce within the year 2018, and presently, the songstress navigates the realms of romance as a single entity.

Early Life

June 2014 witnessed a double release from Anitta’s portfolio – her first live record, “Meu Lugar,” and the second studio album, “Rimo Perfeito,” both under the Warner Music Group.

The lead single, “Blá Blá Blá,” unveiled on March 23, 2014, alongside the composition “Quem Saba,” showcased Anitta’s evolving artistry. Her musical evolution continued with subsequent albums like “Bang” (2015), “Kisses” (2019), and “Version of Me” (2022), revealing her versatility across various music genres.

Anitta Achievement and Awards

Anitta’s journey has been adorned with numerous accolades, reflecting her prowess as a trailblazing artist. Notable awards include MTV Video Music Awards, Latin Grammy Award nominations, American Music Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and Break udo Awards, among others.

Anitta Earnings

Accumulating a substantial fortune of approximately $38 million over the course of her career, Anitta has predominantly reaped her financial rewards from her musical endeavors and successful tours.

Her songs, boasting millions of views on platforms like YouTube, coupled with commendable album sales, have undeniably constituted her primary revenue sources. Moreover, her foray into the realm of acting has also contributed to her impressive wealth.

Net worth$38 million
Date of Birth:1993 March 30
First NameLarissa
Last NameMachado
Age:30 years old
Birth Nation:Brazil
Height:5 Feet 3 Inch

Anitta height

Standing at a height of 5 feet 3.78 inches, Anitta carries a weight of approximately 51 kg. Embodying a captivating blend of Brazilian, African, and European heritage, her diverse ethnic roots contribute to her unique and multifaceted identity. At present, she is a youthful 26 years old, radiating her vibrant energy and spirit.

Personal Life

Beyond the stage, Anitta’s personal life has also captured attention. Her marriage to businessman Thiago Magalhães in 2017 and subsequent divorce in 2018 garnered media interest. Her romantic involvement with Brazilian businessman Gabriel David has also intrigued fans and followers.


Larissa de Macedo Machado’s transformation into the beloved Anitta stands as a testament to her indomitable spirit, artistic versatility, and global influence. From her modest beginnings in Rio de Janeiro to gracing international stages, Anitta’s journey epitomizes the power of talent, determination, and musical innovation.

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