Overview of Dept of Pedodontics and preventive dentistry

The Department of Pedodontics & preventive dentistry’s primary concern is to promote the oral health of infants, children, adolescents and people with special health care needs. The implicit in the philosophy of children’s dentistry is a commitment to consider the child’s feelings, to gain the child’s confidence and co-operation to perform the treatment in kind and sympathetic manner, to be concerned with not only providing the treatment currently required but also promoting child’s future dental health by stimulating the attitude and behavior regarding dental care.

There is provision of one theory class per week and three pre clinical classes for the III B.D.S Students and two theory classes per week for the IV B.D.S students. Students are assessed from time to time by internal assessment exams. Case discussions, demonstrations, group discussions, viva, and seminars.

Postgraduation course is a three year programme which makes the student self-sufficient to
1. Obtain proper clinical history, methodological examination of the child patient,perform essential diagnostic procedures and interpret them. and arrive at a reasonable diagnosis and treat appropriately.
2. Be competent to treat dental diseases which are occurring in child patient.
3. Manage to repair and restore the lost I tooth structure to maintain harmony between both hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.
4. Manage the disabled children effectively and efficiently, tailored to the needs of individual requirement and conditions.

Camps were conducted in 15 Special schools and over 700 children were screened
1. Thakur Hari Prasad Institute Of Mentally Challenged
2. Prerana Institute Of Autism
3. Sadhana Institute Of Special Children
4. Sparsh Institute Of Mentally Challenged
5. Manasa Institute Of Special Children
6. Donbosco Institute Of Physically Handicapped Children

Camps were conducted in 20 Normal schools, 340 children were screened.
Our department is well equipped with nitrous oxide sedation unit and Boyles apparatus to manage special child and uncooperative child.

Department of pedodontics layout