Black Justices Take Aim At Each Other

The Supreme Court Is Expected To Rule On The Future Of Affirmative Action In College Admissions In The Next 10 Days

Raceconscious Policies At Harvard And The University Of North Carolina Are Before The Court

It Would Be A Major Setback For The Policy Which Has Been In Place For Decades

The Racial Diversity Of College Campuses Could Be Impacted By The Courts Ruling

Clarence Thomas And Ketanji Brown Jackson Are Likely To Play Key Roles In The Case

While Jackson Believes That The Policy Can Be Constitutional In Some Cases Thomas Is A Vocal Opponent Of Affirmative Action

The Outcome Of The Case Could Have Implications For Other Areas Of Racebased Affirmative Action

The Case Is Being Closely Watched By Civil Rights Groups And Advocates

What If A Needle Hits Earth At The Speed Of Light