Top Boy Season 5 Review

Top Boy Season 5 Review: Explosive Crime Drama Reclaims the Throne!

Less than a year after the gripping fourth season of Top Boy premiered, fans of the fierce gang crime drama are already anticipating the next installment. Set in the fictional Summerhouse estate in Hackney, Top Boy explores the lives of drug dealers and gang members in the heart of London.

The show, which originally aired on Channel 4 in 2011 and was later revived by Netflix in 2019, has captivated audiences with its raw storytelling.

Season 5 Confirmation:

Walters and Kano emphasized the importance of concluding the story on the right note, describing this season as a chance to “come full circle” and end the journey in a meaningful way. They expressed their gratitude to the dedicated fanbase that has supported the show for over a decade.

A Glimpse into Season 5

In April, Netflix dropped a tantalizing trailer for Top Boy Season 5 on Twitter. The trailer hinted at intense confrontations and tough decisions the characters would face in the new season. One particularly memorable line from Sully.

played by Kano, added to the suspense:

“If we’re not monsters, we’re food. And I could never be food.” This quote foreshadows the high-stakes drama and moral dilemmas that will continue to define the series. You may also check Disney’s 2023 Little Mermaid Release.

Final Season Details

The most significant revelation from the trailer was the release date. Top Boy Season 5 is set to premiere in September, marking the final chapter of Dushanbe and Sully’s journey.

As fans eagerly await the series’ conclusion, it’s expected to deliver powerful storytelling and intense, gritty gangland drama that has become its hallmark. You should also read Rolling Stones Unveil ‘Hackney Diamonds.


Top Boy Season 5 promises to be a fitting conclusion to a gripping saga that has resonated with viewers for years. With a strong cast, a commitment to authenticity, and a dedication to storytelling that explores the harsh realities of urban life, this final season is sure to leave a lasting impact on fans.

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions and a dramatic farewell to Dushanbe and Sully as they navigate the treacherous world of Top Boy one last time.

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