Surprise Win! Dylan Mulvaney Takes Home Breakout Creator Award at 2023

Surprise Win! Dylan Mulvaney Takes Home Breakout Creator Award at 2023 Streamy Awards. Celebrates with a Cold Beer!

In a delightful twist, the world watched in astonishment as a TikTok sensation and actress expressed her surprise at winning a Streamy award, a distinction that she never anticipated beyond her dreams of securing a Tony Award for her prowess in musical theater.

During her gracious acceptance speech, she reminisced about a pivotal moment 532 days prior when she courageously shared her coming-out story on video. This authentic narrative blossomed into a captivating series named “Days of Girlhood,” transforming her life in profound ways.

Yet, the journey was not without its share of adversity. The star candidly acknowledged the distressing reality of facing transphobia and hate, a somber reminder of the challenges her community endures. Undeterred, she extended a heartfelt plea to allies, urging them to stand by trans individuals with resolute and vocal support.

In another corner of the Streamys stage, Meghan Trainor’s captivating collaboration with Rolling Stone titled “Made You Look” emerged triumphant, claiming the prestigious Sound of the Year award. This accolade is a tribute to songs that have wielded significant impact within the realm of social media content creation and permeated the fabric of popular culture. You may also check Satyaprem Ki Katha OTT Release Date.

Meanwhile, the evening shone a light on exceptional creators. The Korean Vegan, Brittany Broski, and Vivienne Medrano were bestowed with the special Creator Honor awards, a well-deserved recognition of their unique contributions to the digital landscape.

The 13th iteration of this illustrious awards gala was expertly hosted by the imaginative mind behind Game Theorists, MatPat. The event unfolded in real-time across the Streamys’ vibrant social platforms and the esteemed pages of The Hollywood Reporter’s website.

Among those gracing the stage as presenters were Mulvaney, Olsen, and Khare, alongside a lineup featuring Anna Sitar, Brianna Chickenfry, Colin and Samir, Delaney Rowe, Dream, Drew Afualo, Druski, Happy Kelli, Kris Collins, and Lizzy McAlpine.

It’s worth noting that DCP stands as a unit under the umbrella of Penske Media Eldridge, a collaborative venture between Penske Media—the parent company of THR—and Eldridge, demonstrating a convergence of creative forces that continues to shape the media landscape.

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