Rock Legend Bernie Marsden Passes at 72

Rock Legend Bernie Marsden Passes at 72: Co-Writer of ‘Here I Go Again’ with Whitesnake

Marsden’s family shared on Instagram that he peacefully departed on Thursday evening, surrounded by his wife Fran, and his daughters Charlotte and Olivia. A true musical stalwart, Bernie’s unwavering passion for music persisted until his last moments, as he continued to compose and record new songs.

Hailing from Buckingham, Bernie Marsden’s remarkable journey commenced in 1951. His musical expedition took flight with the rock ensemble UFO in 1972.

Following various musical endeavors, including a brief collaboration with former Deep Purple members in the venture known as Paice Ashton Lord, Marsden, alongside former Deep Purple vocalist David Coverdale and guitarist Micky Moody, established the iconic band Whitesnake in London during 1978.

Marsden’s creative prowess played a pivotal role in crafting some of Whitesnake’s most celebrated hits. Notable among these are the chart-topping anthem “Here I Go Again,” along with “Fool for Your Loving,” “She’s a Woman,” “Walking in the Shadow of the Blues,” and “Trouble.” You should also read Antoine Fuqua Declares ‘The Equalizer 3.

During his tenure with Whitesnake, spanning four years, Marsden left an indelible mark on the music scene. He made significant contributions to the band’s inaugural five albums, including “Trouble” (1978), “Lovehunter” (1979), “Ready an’ Willing” (1980), “Come an’ Get It” (1981), and “Saints & Sinners” (1982).

His remarkable collaboration with former Deep Purple bandmates Jon Lord and Ian Paice, who joined the band during the release of “Ready an’ Willing,” further underscored his musical legacy. The Coverdale-Marsden single “Fool for Your Loving” soared to No.

13 on the UK charts and achieved FM success internationally. The song experienced a renaissance when it was re-recorded for Whitesnake’s 1989 album “Slip of the Tongue,” although Marsden had departed the group by that time. You may also check Major Setback for Dune 2.

Bernie Marsden’s artistic journey wasn’t confined to Whitesnake alone. He enriched the musical landscape through his involvement with several other bands, including the Moody Marsden Band and Alaska. His solo discography boasted notable releases like “And About Time Too” (1979), “Look at Me Now” (1981), and the more recent “Trios” (2022), a testament to his enduring commitment to his craft.

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