Kirsty Gallaher Deletes Social Media Post

Kirsty Gallaher Deletes Social Media Post in Support of Brother-in-Law – Shocking Twist Revealed!

Brand and Gallaher first crossed paths in 2007 when they were introduced by her sister, TV and radio broadcaster Kirsty Gallaher. At that time, Brand was 30 years old, and Gallaher was 19.

Their initial meeting led to a brief dating period before they went their separate ways. Brand would later marry Katy Perry in 2010, but their marriage ended after 14 months.

However, Brand and Gallaher reconnected in 2015 when they unexpectedly ran into each other on the street. You should also read Surprise Wedding! Chris Evans & Alba.

The couple currently has three children. In June, Brand announced that they were expecting their third child. Becoming a father has had a profound impact on Brand, teaching him valuable lessons about love and the importance of things beyond himself.

As for Gallaher’s profession, she is an accomplished author who has published several bestselling books. One of her notable works is “The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play” Easy Activities & Creative Craft for Kids and their Grown-ups.”

In March 2022, Brand celebrated the release of her book “Slow Down and Be Here Now,” which encourages children to be present in the moment and appreciate nature.

Brand and Gallaher tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in 2017 at Remenham Church, near their home in Henley-on-Thames, Oxford shire. Their guest list included notable figures such as Noel Gallagher, Jonathan Ross, and David Gaddiel. You should also read The Chicks’ Calgary Comeback.

Regarding recent allegations against Brand, Gallaher has not publicly commented on the matter. It appears that she has deleted her social media profiles following the scandal. However, her sister Kirsty Gallaher showed support for Brand by sharing his statement video on her Instagram Story with a red heart emoji.

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