Department overview

Philosophy of Prosthodontic treatment is to rehabilitate a dental or a facial deformity to normalcy with comfort, function and acceptable appearance. Treatment protocols are dynamic, from the hoary unstable dentures to implant supported prosthesis, unpredictable cosmetic facelift to permanent accepted esthetics, techniques and procedures have evolved, keeping pace with the individual desires and requirements.

Esthetic Reconstructive Dentistry is the most advanced approach to providing fully or partially edentulous (missing one of more sections of teeth) patients with Implantology treatment.

Dental veneers and other bonded restorations fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry & smile designing, and are sue to create bright, while smiles with beautifully shaped teeth. Regardless of what causes unattractive teeth, these types of restorations may solve most of all of the issues, including severe tooth discoloration, chips cracks and the wear and teat that causes uneven teeth.

Service offered:
o Complete dentures
o Removable partial dentures
o Planned cast partial dentures
o Splints and night guards
o All metal crown (FCP)
o Metal Ceramic crown
o Metal ceramic - FPD
o All ceramic crowns
o All ceramic - FPD
o Ceramic laminates
o Post and core restoration
o Over denture
o Over denture with coping
o Single complete denture
o Immediate denture
o Implant prosthesis
o Obturator Acrylic
o Obturator Cast Partial
o Extra Oral maxillofacial Prosthesis