Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the supporting structures of the tooth. As a speciality, with advances in material sciences, microbiological breakthroughs and technical refinement, it has gained enormous clinical relevance and importance and is a highly sought after branch for pursuing higher studies. Modern methods of surgical treatment such as the employment of Bone grafts, GTR, Growth factors, Ridge augmentation, Implants, and local drug delivery systems are implemented here to ensure the longevity of the periodontium and the dentition.

Established in 2003, the department is located in the first floor of the institution (Room no 101). It houses an Undergraduate Section, Postgraduate section, staff rooms, sterilization bay, a minor OT, Seminar room and library. Screening of patients for diabetes is being done daily, since its inception in September 2012. We take pride in stating that the Post graduate students are trained in Laser associated surgical procedures, Piezosurgical procedures , Mucogingival surgical procedures and Implant placement in addition to the regular Periodontal flap surgeries. The Undergraduates are groomed to understand the speciality better with Seminars and Clinical demonstrations being undertaken by the staff members for them on a regular basis. Interns are trained to nurture an interest in the subject for higher studies. Overall it is truly an enriching experience for the students when they are here.