Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial is a rapidly evolving field of dentistry with a wide plethora of surgical procedures. It is a specialized branch in dentistry, which deals with art of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, injuries and defects involving the Orofacial region.

The Department OP has well equipped electronic dental chairs and collaborates with many voluntary organizations to provide dental treatment for the needy.

The Department provides treatment of simple and complicated extractions of teeth and related management , initial and definitive management of Traumatic injuries of soft and hard tissues of oro facial region , diagnosis and management of Dento Facial deformities ,acquired developmental and congenital (clefts of lip and palate), Preprosthetic surgical procedures including Implantology , detection of Precancerous lesions.

It has undergraduate and post graduate programmes beginning with simple extractions to complicated , trains students to have knowledge of wards from patient admitted till discharged and trains the students to become a full-fledged oral and maxillofacial surgeon capable of handling various pathologies with multidisciplinary team approach of face and jaw bones. The department has well-planned and spacious clinic to handle the procedures of exodontia and other minor surgical procedures done under local anaesthesia. Undergraduates and postgraduates are trained in this section for minor oral surgical procedures. It has 2 intensive care units with 4 beds and well equipped for postoperative management and monitoring of critically ill patients.

The strength of the department lies in the research activity wherein the department faculty has many publications of international and national journals to their credit.