Department Photo Gallery

List of Equipments

Teeth samples and casts -for teaching anomalies

Study models for undergraduate students

Microimage Projecting System(IMPS)

Study models and casts

Automatic Tissue Processing Unit

Quick freezer (Remi -400C)

EZ retriever (Biogenex - IHC)

Semi automatic soft tissue microtome (Yorco)

Pentahead Microscope

Fluorescent Microscope

Dark field / Phase contrast

Olympus CX 21i

Postgraduate clinic

Staff & Facilities

Staff in Department of Oral and maxillofacial pathology

Current Postgraduate students

Staff Guiding Postgraduate Student

Staff Guiding First BDS Students

Seminar Room

First BDS-Lab Photos(Undergraduate wing)

First BDS-Lab Photos(Undergraduate wing)